The space you can


Space as a third skin

We conceive the space in which we live as a skin that covers our vital functions. The environments of M architecture are designed and made suit: fluid, immersive and continuous, they are designed to accommodate the activities and habits of our clients.

We hybridize traditional architecture with natural forms

We believe in the value of the mix between the recognizable elements of Italian architecture and design and the complexity of the body and natural conformations, in which resources are optimized structurally and energetically.


Inspired by the harmony of nature, shaped by the millennial work of atmospheric agents, our projects take shape through the connection of elements and environments, creating visual and material relationships that envelop and accompany daily life.

Sustainable design

The organization of environments and the modeling of their forms in our projects respond at the same time to the need to obtain a visual richness and to reduce our impact on the environment, interacting in an innovative way with natural resources – sun, wind, water, soil, biomass, vegetation – and using low-cost, environmentally friendly materials.

For an empathetic beauty, made up of connections.